The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: The Killing (Denmark) v Falcón (Spain)

EURO2016We’re enjoying Danish drama Dicte over on More4 at the moment, and if The Killing hadn’t happened Dicte surely would have been Denmark’s representative in this tournament. Alas, it’s the wily old favourite, The Killing, that’s here and currently doing very well. It has already qualified for the quarter-final, but will be wanting to put on a show for its fans in its final group game, against winless Falcón.

But wait… what happened in yesterday’s game, I hear you ask?

Happy Valley 82%
Salamander 18%

So that means Group C is now looking like this, with only one game to play.

Happy Valley (P3 W3 L0 POINTS 9 WM +202%)
Salamander (P3 W1 L2 POINTS 3 WM +48%)
Inspector Montalbano (P2 W1 L1 POINTS 3 WM +18%)
Love/Hate (P2 W0 L2 POINTS 0)

So onto today’s game:

Form guide:
The veteran in the tournament, The Killing nonetheless is still a dangerous team and is viewed as one of the favourites to win the trophy. Sarah Lund spearheads the show’s formidable challenge, and her obsessive attention to detail and relentless drive still marks her out as one of the best players in the world, let alone Europe. Look out for burly Theis Birk Larsen at the back, the enigmatic Troels Hartmann in midfield and Jan Meyer up front with Lund. It’s a shame Meyer can’t stay fit because together, these two ar a very strong partnership. A big contender nonetheless.



Form guide: 
Javier Falcón is the brooding, Latin detective here and he alone is worthy of note, but, again, a lack of depth in the team and the bench might make this another show to leave the tournament.






So who’s it going to be? VOTE NOW!


For all out Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, go here


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