The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Trapped (Iceland) v The Fall (Northern Ireland)

EURO2016We’re starting the last round of group matches today (hurrah!) and to kick off there’s a huge game in Group A, which will decide who goes into the quarter-finals. Spiral has already booked its place, but who will come second? It’s down to Iceland’s Trapped and Northern Ireland’s The Fall. Two great shows and two great shows who have won one, and lost one. So who’s it going to be? Iceland or Northern Ireland? Trapped or The Fall? Andri or Stella?

So this is what happened yesterday:

The Killing 98%
Falcón 2%

That resounding victory means that Group D looks like this:

The Killing (P3 W3 L0 POINTS 9 WM +218%)
The Lens (P2 W1 L1 POINTS 3 WM +35%)
Falcón (P3 W1 L2 POINTS 3 WM +8%)
10 (P2 W0 L2 POINTS 0)

Onto today’s huge game:

Form guide:
This newcomer has really burst onto the scene this year with some eye-catching and breathtaking performances in qualifying. A strong central partnership between the hulking Andri Olafsson (surely a physical match for anyone) and Hinrika Kristjánsdóttir (driven and skilful) make this show one to watch. If there’s a weak spot in the team it’s Ásgeir Þórarinsson, who occasionally suffers from lapses in concentration. Still, Trapped’s players have been schooled in fierce, harsh conditions and Olafsson’s physical presence alone, allied to the guile and determination of Kristjánsdóttir, might make them one to watch.


Form guide: Another strong unseeded contender, The Fall’s central duo of Stella Gibson and Paul Spector are often on opposite sides of the coin, but if they can gel when the tournament comes around they will pose a real threat. Both are ruthless, almost to the point of emotionless, but their weakness is that they’re not team players – they both seem more interested in each other rather than contributing to a collective.




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