The Killing Times’ Euro Crime Drama Of 2016: Hinterland (Wales) v Cenk Batu (Germany)

EURO2016It’s the final game in Group B today, and it features Wales’ representatives Hinterland, who have had a disappointing tournament, it has to be said, beaten to the second qualifying spot in the group by Scotland’s Shetland. Still, there’s pride at stake here as they take on the Germans, Cenk Batu, who remain winless.

Now then, it was the final game in Group A yesterday, and this is what happened:

Trapped 73%
The Fall 27%

That means the final Group A table looks like this:

Q Spiral (P3 W2 L0 POINTS 9 WM +109%)
Q Trapped (P3 W2 L1 POINTS 6 WM +143%)
The Fall (P3 W1 L3 POINTS 3 WM +46%)
Mammon (P3 W0 L3 POINTS 0)

That means both Spiral and Trapped go through into the quarter-finals!

Form guide:
Unseeded but a big threat, Hinterland relies on the brooding force that is Tom Mathias. Mathias has high fitness levels thanks to an unforgiving regime that includes running for miles along cliff tops on his own. Currently homeless, Mathias – who’s backed by a strong team – will be playing with a chip on his shoulder. We’re expecting Hinterland to challenge the seeded teams, but reports of unrest inside the camp – especially between Mathias and burly centreback Brian Prosser – may affect its chances.



Form guide: Cenk Batu might just surprise a few people in this tournament. With Turkish/German blood coursing through his veins, undercover expert Batu is a tough centre forward, used to going it alone. But the lack of depth in the squad will probably do for this show in the early rounds, despite its huge support at home.





So who’s it going to be? VOTE NOW!


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  1. Londonoir says:

    Hi there. I appreciate your blog massively. I really enjoy reading your articles about some of the best drama on television. That’s why I subscribe to your newsletter, and that’s also why I’m posting this request for you to reconsider polling ‘events’ like the Killing Times Euro Crime Drama. Even without it, you’re sending out more than one post daily. That’s heavy traffic for a television blog. This additional stream of posts is not adding any value to your blog, it’s not telling us anything new, and your newsletters are starting to feel like spam. Please have a rethink.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Hi Londonoir. Thanks for the message. You raise some interesting points, but I’ve had nothing but good feedback about the tournament. A lot of people see it for what it is – a bit of fun during a summer season that is traditionally quiet when it comes to new drama. As for more than post a daily being heavy traffic for a television blog… that goes everything I’ve been taught when it comes to blogging and web journalism. If I could put 10 posts a day up, I would. Anyway, it’s horses for courses and I’m glad you enjoy the blog and keep coming back to it. And don’t worry – the final is next weekend to it’ll soon be back to normal!


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