The Killing Times’ Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama: Inspector Montalbano (Italy) v Love/Hate (Ireland)

EURO2016We’re nearing the end of the group stages of the Euro 2016 Of Crime Drama, and there are still places in the quarter-final to play for. In Group C, Inspector Montalbano of Italy must beat Ireland’s Love/Hate to beat out Belgium’s Salamander. It’s a big one to end on in Group C…

Let’s take a quick look back at yesterday’s game:

Hinterland 83%
Cenk Batu 17%

That means the final Group B table looks like this:

The Bridge (P3 W3 L0 POINTS 9 WM +200%)
Shetland (P3 W2 L1 POINTS 6 WM +107%)
Hinterland (P3 W1 L2 POINTS 3 WM +65% )
Cenk Batu (P3 W0 L3 POINTS 0)

And, that means that both The Bridge and Shetland qualify for the quarter-finals, starting on Monday.

Onto today’s game…

Form guide: 
Having one of the most popular players in the tournament, Salvo Montalbano, might not be enough for this show to proceed further than the group stages. A solid team enough, with an excellent diet envied across the continent, look for the show to win a few games.





Form guide:
This tale of Dublin’s criminal underworld has a strong team ethic – the gang at the centre of it has spark, wit and flair and while not a big name it could cause a shock or two. With Love/Hate it’s a case of whether Aiden Gillan’s John Boy and Robert Sheehan’s Darren Treacy and co can stick together long enough before it all falls apart.







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