BBC confirms The Secret Agent transmission date

624I’ve tried to stay away from spy dramas because, well, they’re not really crime dramas, per se. But the BBC’s adaptation of the Joseph Conrad novel, The Secret Agent, does have a strong crime element in it, thanks to Stephen Graham’s Chief Inspector Heat of Scotland Yard. It’s a Victorian-set thriller, and what I’ve seen of it, it’s worth a watch. And now we know when it’s going to air.

We start off in London, 1886. Verloc (Toby Jones) runs a seedy shop in the heart of London’s Soho. Unknown to his loyal wife Winnie (Vicky McClure) Verloc is paid by the Russian embassy to spy on a dangerous anarchist cell.

Summoned by the Russians, he is given a mission: orchestrate a bombing that can be blamed on the anarchists and provoke a political crackdown by the British.

Verloc must source a bomb from The Professor (Ian Hart), but hide his actions from Winnie and Chief Inspector Heat (Stephen Graham) of Scotland Yard’s Special Crimes Division.

Unable to persuade his anarchist ‘comrades’ to help, Verloc sets his sights on Winnie’s younger brother Stevie (Charlie Hamblett) as his accomplice.

Sunday 17th July, 9pm, BBC1



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