New Twin Peaks likely to be summer 2017 at the earliest


richard-beymer-twin-peaks-56-640x290Regular readers of this site will probably know by now that I’m excited by the return of Twin Peaks next year. It has had a rocky road to completion but with everything in place the only thing we’re waiting for now is information on when it’ll be played out, and in how many series it will be split up into. Over the weekend the Comic-Con in San Diego took place, where the great and the good of the movie, gaming and TV industry got together to show off their wares, and while David Lynch and other Twin Peaks acolytes weren’t in attendance, one of the stars was, and he let slip some crucial information. 

While I was maxing myself out in Harrogate at the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival, fans gathered in San Diego to watch panel sessions and watch previously unseen trailers and clips from films (mostly superhero gubbins, let’s face it).

One of those panel included Ray Wise (who played Leland Palmer in the original TP series), who was there to promote Batman: The Killing Joke, he told the assembled throng that:

Wise not only claimed that Twin Peaks would return in the summer but that David Lynch directed all 18 episodes.

(That was via We Got This Covered.) We knew that there was a huge cast and we guessed – from reports – that there may be more episodes than originally anticipated, perhaps even spilt up into two or three series. Eighteen episodes is fair-old whack, which goes against the grain of most cable channel series duration. I do still wonder if they will be split up into two series.

The Twin Peaks revival will air in the UK on Sky Atlantic, and the hope is – going with the modern trend – that it’ll be broadcast within hours of the US transmission.

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