Netflix becomes co-producer on ITV’s Paranoid


Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 11.00.55One of the potential highlights of the autumn is ITV’s Paranoid, which is being set up to be a kind of Broadchurch-style event series. It’s due to drop in the autumn and has a good cast and a great, crime novel-like hook, and now the show has also gained an impressive co-producer, which is going to have a positive outcome when it comes to distribution in other, non-UK territories.

For a start, we know that the show is made by RED Productions, which numbers Happy Valley as one of its many hits. This means there’s an immediate stamp of quality on this show and the premise, as you would expect, is very strong.

This is Deadline’s description of the eight-part series:

Set in the small fictional British town of Woodmere, a group of detectives must piece together what happened on the fateful morning Dr Angela Benton took her three-year-old son Luke to the playground. Watching Luke play alongside other moms and their toddlers, Angela is set upon and brutally stabbed by a man whose face is covered from view. His bizarre and disturbing behavior is noticed moments before the attack by eyewitness Lucy Cannonbury (Sharp). Her version of events instantly rings alarm bells with dedicated and compassionate cop Nina Suresh (Varma), but fellow seasoned detective Bobby Day (Glenister) is more willing to accept Lucy’s account of Angela’s tragic murder.

As the investigation deepens and darkens, the detectives realize they are in a mammoth battle with a formidable global foe whose dark dealings reach into every corner of the world. The David and Goliath story sees its heroes taking on their own personal demons before they can do battle with the real enemy.

The main cast features Indira Varma, Robert Glenister, Neil Stuke, Lesley Sharp and Kevin Doyle.

The news is that none other than Netflix has come onboard as a co-producer, and as part of that deal has secured broadcast rights to non-UK territories. Hurrah for everyone!


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