Stephen Moyer heads all-star cast in season two of Safe House


Cpa2M3kWIAAHoHwWell, isn’t today a busy-old day? Let’s get onto Safe House, which has had a torrid time since its lacklustre first series. First, ITV commissioned a second series. Good news. Next, the writer was moved on, the cast was jettisoned and the whole make-up of the show would change, we were told. Not quite so good news. (Read our post about it here.) Now, there’s some good news, finally – British star Stephen Moyer (also famous in the US thanks to his role in True Blood) has signed onto star. Continue reading


Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore set for TV crime drama?


Deniro-ROTNow if this is true – that Oscar winners and Hollywood legends Robert DeNiro and Julianne Moore have signed on for a TV crime drama – you could forgive me for going out for a quick dance in the street. De Niro and Moore, on TV? In a CRIME DRAMA?? Continue reading

Adrian Lester and Iwan Rheon join Sky’s Reviera


Sky_Logo_seit_Dezember_2015Hold onto your hats because this relatively quiet period is about to come to a jolting end in a week or so’s time. We’ve got some, big, exciting things coming up (news of those tomorrow), but in the meantime channels are planning ahead for the future (when aren’t they?). Today Sky announced additions to the cast to its flash, new drama, which already has Hollywood star Julia Stiles attached to it. Continue reading