BBC confirms Ripper Street season four transmission date; moves to BBC2

Programme Name: Ripper Street S4 - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. Generics) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Bennet Drake (JEROME FLYNN), Homer Jackson (ADAM ROTHENBERG), Edmund Reid (MATTHEW MACFADYEN), Croker (DAVID THRELFALL), Long Susan (MYANNA BURING) - (C) Tiger Aspect 2016 - Photographer: Bernard Walsh
(C) Tiger Aspect 2016 – Photographer: Bernard Walsh

Ah, Ripper Street. I have a soft spot for it, but it’s now entering the twilight of its existence, with this brand new fourth series (already shown on Amazon Prime) set to be its penultimate run. I like the suits, I like the realisation of the Victorian-era East End and I like the strange language with which the characters speak. Series three was a corker, and now there are high hopes for the fourth. The BBC has now confirmed the transmission date.

This is what we’re expecting:

Three years have passed since Reid left the heaving maelstrom of Whitechapel for a life of quiet contemplation by the sea with his daughter. However, he finds himself drawn back to the naphtha glare of those East London streets when he learns that Isaac Bloom, a Jewish mathematician who helped Reid on two previous Whitechapel investigations, is set to hang before the week is out.

Bloom’s purported crime is a vicious murder, and it is a crime of which Reid believes his old friend incapable. And yet it was Drake’s investigation that sent Bloom to the hangman’s noose, so when Drake learns of Reid’s return the two men must surely come to blows.

An Indian man has been found murdered at the docks, and Drake finds himself working alongside the man’s father – a Bengal Lancer by the name of Haroun Al-Qadir – to track down the young man’s killer.

Meanwhile, Bloom is not the only familiar face soon to meet the hangman’s noose. Long Susan languishes in Newgate Prison, awaiting retribution for her part in the Leman Street locomotive disaster of 1894.

Look out for David Threlfall in a hefty role. I should also mention the show has moved from BBC1 over to BBC2, which I think is a good move – it has been the victim of some pretty strange scheduling in recent years and could fulfil that kind of period crime slot recently vacated (and created) by Peaky Blinders.

Here’s a trailer:

Ripper Street (Series 4): Monday 22nd August, 9pm, BBC2


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