Channel 4 confirms transmission date for The Watchman

Stephen Graham The Watchman

We’re getting a lot of transmission confirmations today, which is great because we know that in a few weeks normal service will be resumed and lots of new stuff will be starting. One such thing is Channel 4’s The Watchman, a one-off drama starring the always-brilliant Stephen Graham in the kind of role he does so well – disenfranchised, kindly but with rage always seeming to bubble just below the surface. The country’s modern-day De Niro, for sure. Anyway, Channel 4 has confirmed this intriguing drama’s transmission date.

The Watchman is written and directed by multi-award-winning director Dave Nath. Nath, who has previously won acclaim for his direction of major documentaries tackling challenging subjects through unprecedented access, such as Bedlam and The Murder Detectives, turns his hand to fiction in this new project.

Graham plays father-of-two Carl, a CCTV operator who views the world through a series of screens. Working alone, he has gradually become intoxicated by the power of being the ‘all-seeing eye.’ Carl’s growing frustration with the local police comes to a head when they refuse to tackle a group of local drug dealers. Carl decides to intervene in the world that he’s supposed to be just watching. What follows is a terrifying chain of events played across one night shift.

I watched it yesterday and it’s an unsettling, tense watch.

The Watchman: Wednesday 24th August, 9pm, Channel 4


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