The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 15th – Sunday 21st August)


Goedele, Eva, Veerle, Birgit and Bekka at Jean Claude's funeral.

It’s still the Olympics so most broadcasters are pushing out repeats and other bits and pieces, so things are fairly quiet. However, there are still a few nuggets to be found and hopefully you’ll find a few to your liking after the jump. Continue reading


Review: The Out-Laws (E4&5/9), Friday 7th/12th August, More4


98507458-72be-46e1-a374-f733ab2c12ddSo I missed last week’s episode of the enjoyable, macabre murder comedy The Out-Laws, but it’s decent so I wanted to make sure I caught up with it properly. I said the last time I reviewed the show that it had not only reached its half-way stage but also found itself on a bit of a hamster-wheel rut: it was repeating a structure that was beginning to wear a bit thin. I hoped that as we got over the hump of the middle part of the series, it would re-up and provide something different as it edged towards its finale. Continue reading