The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 15th – Sunday 21st August)


Goedele, Eva, Veerle, Birgit and Bekka at Jean Claude's funeral.

It’s still the Olympics so most broadcasters are pushing out repeats and other bits and pieces, so things are fairly quiet. However, there are still a few nuggets to be found and hopefully you’ll find a few to your liking after the jump.

When a girl is raped on her way home, Jack tries to conceal his connection to the key witness in the case, Lucy. The 16-year-old has been living with him since he discovered that she is probably his daughter, and Charlie reluctantly agrees to keep his secret. However, it soon becomes clear that both girls are lying about that evening, and when more evidence emerges, Charlie cannot stay silent for much longer.
Wednesday 17th August, 10pm, Channel 5

Thomas confronts Veerle with a surprising new lead, asking why the sisters hired a private detective the previous summer. She claims to have suspected her brother-in-law of domestic abuse, but the shrewd Dewitt is unconvinced. A visit to a bruised Goedele at the hospital gives Eva and Birgit misgivings.
Friday 19th August, 9pm, More4

Ava feels threatened by the Crowder clan after she meets one of them in town and seeks protection from Givens. The marshal questions members of the family, who reassure him the woman is not their target, and when she is kidnapped, Raylan fears his past may be catching up with him.
Thursday 18th August, 12am, Spike TV

4 Craven
Maxine Peake stars as Amelia Bullmore’s feisty detective with a case that starts strangely, and then just gets stranger. This is the third series of the police drama written by Amelia Bullmore (originally broadcast in 2012) and is set in Middleton, half-way between Rochdale and Manchester. Episode one begins with the discovery of the body of a strangled man, with a missing finger and a superfluous front tooth. For Craven, alarm bells ring as she suspects the maiming is the trademark of criminal mastermind Tony Lau. The subsequent investigation leads the team to a domestic address that has been converted into a well-concealed cannabis factory.
Monday 15th August, 6.15am, BBC Radio 4 Extra

Harlee visits an ex-lover imprisoned for a murder he says he did not commit – and now he wants her to find the man who framed him. Wozniak thinks he knows the mole in his crew.
Wednesday 17th August, 10pm, Sky Living

The pathologist and Villa suspect a brilliant doctor has killed two of his patients, and must find a way to make their case with limited evidence.
Tuesday 16th August, 8pm, Alibi

No information available.
Wednesday 17th August, 2am, Spike TV

Three women are admitted to hospital with overdoses of chemotherapy drugs, even though none of them have cancer – and it soon turns out they have the same doctor. Concluding part of a crossover trilogy with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med.
Thursday 18th August, 9pm, 5USA

9 Sherlock
A Scandal In Belgravia. Holmes and Watson investigate a case of blackmail threatening to topple the monarchy and uncover links with international terrorism, rogue CIA agents and a conspiracy at the heart of government. However, the Baker Street sleuth finds himself involved on a more personal level when he becomes locked in a battle of wits with Irene Adler, a woman who is as cold, ruthless and brilliant as himself.
Saturday 20th August, 9pm, W

10 Black Work
Another chance to see this detective drama, starring Sheridan Smith as a police officer whose husband is murdered. She is expected to leave the investigation to her colleagues, but finds herself losing trust in them and goes behind their backs to track down the killer herself. However, her investigation places her and her children in jeopardy. Also starring Sharon Duce, Geraldine James and Douglas Henshall.
Monday 15th August, 11pm, ITV Encore



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