Kim Cattrall, Toby Jones, Andrea Riseborough all in for BBC One Agatha Christie adaptation

KimCattrallWe got seriously excited when it was announced the BBC’s next Agatha Christie adaptation – The Witness For The Prosecution – was to be, well, adapted by Sarah Phelps, who did such a terrific job in last year’s terrific And Then There Were None. With Julien Jarrold on directing duties, it’s as you were, but today the BBC announced an equally impressive cast.

First off, we have the excellent Kim Cattrall, Toby Jones and Andrea Riseborough (who’s been doing good work in the US in the past few years). Straight away they are three actors who not only pique interest but almost guarantee great stuff – they’re all pretty much excellent in anything they appear in.

This is what The Guardian said about Christie’s short story:

Set in 1920s London, the 23-page short story starts with the murder of rich and glamorous Emily French, played by Cattrall.

All evidence points to Leonard Vole, played by Billy Howle, the heir to French’s enormous fortune.

Riseborough will play Vole’s chorus girl partner Romaine, while Jones will play John Mayhew, the solicitor tasked with defending him.

Monica Dolan and Four Weddings and a Funeral actor David Haig will also star in the production.

So that’s pretty impressive. This is what Cattrall tweeted out today:

So, filming starts today… we’re hoping for another seasonal treat, like last year’s And Then There Were None.

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