ITV Encore picks up Swedish drama Ängleby; confirms transmission date


angelbyWe all know that we can’t get enough Scandi stuff, and it has been a while since we saw something from the Nordic region (not counting Netflix’s Iceland-set drama The Lava Field (review here), so it’s very welcome news that ITV Encore (who broadcast Jordskott last year) has picked up Swedish crime drama, Ängleby. And now we also know when it’s going to be broadcast.

So this is the premise:

Vera is living what seems to be the perfect life. Then suddenly, in one big swoop, she loses everything. Her husband leaves her, she loses her job. The house is being sold off. Desperately she is seeking new work, and seems to only find one. An office job, in the small village of Ängelby, in the middle of Sweden. On her way there, she hits a boy with her car. In shock she tell herself that he is dead. But was it really her that killed him?

And this is the cast:

Mia Skäringer (Vera Fors), Joel Spira (Amos Poe), Göran Ragnerstam (Torsten Huzell), Amanda Ooms (Britt-Louise Vogel), Danilo Bejarano (Daniel Schiller). Created by Tomas Tivemark and Johan Kindblom.

And here’s a trailer:

It will be shown in double bills each week for six weeks, starting on Wednesday 31st August at 10pm, on ITV Encore.



5 thoughts on “ITV Encore picks up Swedish drama Ängleby; confirms transmission date

  1. lizzieconnor

    I found it very good – better than Touch, which explores the same kind of supernatural links to human beings and doings, but doesn’t capture the good versus evil forces as well.


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