Showtime drops new Dexter trailer to mark show’s 10th anniversary

Dexter-Pool-of-Blood-HD-WallpaperEven with all this amazing crime drama about, I still miss Dexter. Dexter Morgan, that shy, awkward and talented blood splatter expert for the Miami police by day, vigilante serial killer taking out other serial killers by night. As a premise it was deliciously macabre and morally ambiguous (well, up to a point), and over eight series and 96 episodes the show became many people’s favourite US crime series of all time. Now, to celebrate its 10th birthday, the show’s home US network, Showtime, has produced a new trailer…

Before you get excited, there is no new Dexter. This is just a trailer to remind people how good the show was/is. The cable network is giving fans a chance to vote on their favorite episodes its website over a four-week period, culminating in a #Dexter10 Fan Marathon with the top 10 picks on Saturday 1st October. Showtime is also going to debut a new Dexter mobile game for Android and iOS devices on Halloween.

The channel has also produced a new trailer:

If anything this compilation makes me miss the show much more, even though some its series were uneven and the ending was less than satisfactory. But still, seeing characters like Rita, Doakes, Debs, LaGuerta, Batista, Lundy and co – not to mention arguably his greatest foe, Arthur Mitchell, aka the Trinity Killer – brings a warm rush of sentimentality back. At its best Dexter was an incredible series.

We’ll be marking the show’s 10th anniversary in our own special way in about a month’s time.




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