Hans Rosenfeldt confirms second season of Marcella for ITV

marcella_0Stand by for two Hans Rosenfeldt-related stories this morning. The first is that the showrunner and renowned creator of The Bridge was appearing at the Edinburgh International Television Festival this week, and it’s a place where channels like to drop big announcements. In his appearance at the festival (alongside Anna Friel), he confirmed that a second series of Marcella would be happening in 2017. Read on for more.

It has to be said I didn’t love Marcella, and many people I spoke to agreed that it was an infuriating experience – it had everything you want from a great crime drama, but it just didn’t fit together. It starred Anna Friel in the lead role, and did pretty well in terms of viewing figures: the launch episode was the series best performer with 8 million viewers was one of ITV’s top rated dramas so far this year.

Series two will again be set in London and will, once again, span eight parts. Transmission is likely for the back end of 2017.

Commented Hans Rosenfeldt:

“I was delighted at the reaction to the first season and am thrilled to be revisiting Marcella for ITV. In the second season, the audience will get the opportunity to spend more time in her world, further exploring some of the characters and getting to know them better.” 

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  1. Seija says:

    I also have ambivalent thoughts about Marcella series 2… But hey, it always boils down to whether to watch or not anyway, so no worries :).


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