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Min and Bekka

So it’s been a busy few weeks here at The Killing Times Fort, and I missed posting up a review of The Out-Laws last week. Apologies to anyone who cared. It’s a series that has a lot going for it and, while not setting the televisual landscape on fire it’s significantly distinct and different enough – as well as being enjoyable enough – for me to want to see it through to the end, which comes next week in a feature-length episode. But onto the two most recent episodes.

The last time I saw The Prick, he had been knocked out by Rohypnol thanks to the Goethals sisters, in an attempt on his life made to look like a suicide. Unfortunately for them, he was rescued from his noose by neighbours. This meant that, suddenly, The Prick was now aware that someone was trying to kill him.

And in episode six, his paranoia and suspicion turned him into some kind of detective, retreating into his office and writing fevered notes on who could kill him. Goedele, not knowing that her sisters had tried to kill her husband, was concerned for her husband and wanted him to confront his problems. Instead The Prick brushed her off (as he always does) and tried to figure what had happened to him. It didn’t help that while trying to comfort her husband, she fell backwards down the stairs and hurt her neck. For once The Prick was blameless in this incident, but the sisters didn’t believe her story and rage and fury began to bubble to the surface, making them more determined to complete their task.

Three-quarters of the way through the episode there was a scene that was brilliant in construction and added another list of suspects to the whodunit aspect of the piece. The Prick, driving home one day, was overtaken by a car who blocked his way in the road. Out of this car leapt Veerle’s lover, who threatened him with violence if he ever came near them again. Behind this showdown was a private detective staking him out out, hired by the sisters to follow The Prick, while behind him was a hitman they had also hired to take The Prick out. All were watching and following The Prick. It was high farce and something The Out-Laws does well when it’s really on its game.

Once again though, the sisters’ attempt to kill The Prick came up short (poor private detective, he was (literally) turned into dog food) and at the end Bekka discovered something chilling in batty Min’s basement – the body of The Prick’s deceased father, kept fresh by being chilled in ice.

And this sparked Bekka’s brain in episode seven – she figured she could use this makeshift mortuary to her advantage. So her plan began to take shape: the sisters would somehow trap The Prick in the basement when he went to change the ice in and around his dead father (which, they found out, he did once a month), lock him in and freeze him to death. Sweet.

Except, unusually for this episode there was no botched attempt, because the priority was elsewhere – namely some character development. Because of The Prick’s sexual dysfunction and general manipulation and control tactics, Goedele was naturally becoming board and eager to find herself again. Chided by her daughter for being boring, she went along to a local life drawing class (a very funny scene ensued, when she found herself next to a repressed elderly lady, who took great delight in embellishing her drawings of the male subject in certain areas of his body) and even went along to the local Chinese restaurant (the same one that her husband had tried to shut down) to play mahjong with the wives. All of this signified a Goedele starting to flower and regain her confidence. Which was great for her and lovely to see for us, but not so great for The Prick, who forbade her to go on a sailing trip with a man from the art class.

Other significant developments? The Chinese Mafia are now after The Prick, and the Dewitts are beginning to sniff around and getting closer to the truth. Also, at The Prick and Eva’s workplace, Eva’s gay friend – under the impression his boss had feelings for him, thanks to a Prick practical joke – took it upon himself to celebrate his promotion (which enraged The Prick) by kissing said boss. This did not go down well. It’s only a matter of time until he gets added to the list of potential suspects, because next week we finally get to see who bumped The Prick off.

Paul Hirons

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  1. benjitek says:

    This site is great for those who don’t want to watch something but just read the entire plot. Noticed that with the review of “The Watchman”. The Spoiling Times :-)

    Regardless, I lost interest in this “The Out-Laws” a couple episodes back, not much for storytelling-by-flashbacks or the repetitive elements of the story. Still, if I’m curious — I can just read the reviews here, they include the complete plot :-)


  2. Paul Hirons says:

    Thanks for your feedback Bennie. Cheeky monkey.


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