BBC releases first look image from Sherlock season four


sherlock-on-screen-modernAs we all know, Sherlock is just about the biggest crime drama in the world, its global reach now making it a colossus both here in the UK, in the US and in Asia and Europe. We’re headed for a fourth series in 2017, which will comprise three, feature-length episodes and all we know at the moment is that Toby Jones is set to play the main villain. Now we have our first image, which is over the jump and doesn’t contain any deerstalkers or moustaches or top hats or indeed any of the Victorian paraphernalia this year’s special used.

So here it is, then. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman looking marvellous. Of course, it doesn’t give anything away, but it’s nice to look at nonetheless.

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 13:00:00 on 31/08/2016 - Programme Name: Sherlock - TX: n/a - Episode: Sherlock - early release Sept (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: (L-R) Sherlock Holmes (BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH), Dr John Watson (MARTIN FREEMAN) - (C) Hartswood Films - Photographer: Todd Antony

(C) Hartswood Films – Photographer: Todd Antony

The only things we do know are what Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat and Cumberbatch told us in a recent interview with the Collider website.

Cumberbatch called series four “myopically dark” and Moffat said about Toby Jones’s character: “He’s completely different. It’s a completely different character. He’s the darkest villain we’ve had. There was always something charming and engaging about Moriarty. There was something fascinating and actually amoral, rather than immoral, about Charles Augustus Magnussen. This guy is the purest evil. Sherlock is actually appalled by him. He’s the most evil villain we’ve had. I don’t think that when you see it, you will disagree. He’s horrific.”

Gatiss chipped in: “It’s an interesting thing to chart. We made our Moriarty very different to Doyle’s. He’s Irish, and he brings all his charm, his twinkle and his humor to it while he’s also terrifying. Magnussen was a very blank, chilling business man. He doesn’t see what he’s doing as evil. Toby is doing something very interesting. She’s an avuncular, funny seeming man with terrible teeth. We’ve given him terrible teeth, which are symbolic of the rot inside him. It’s a great complex, shaded character. You’re not quite sure what the relationship is with him.”


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