Channel 4 confirms transmission date for National Treasure

robbie-coltrane-699964It’s another week in which two big crime dramas are announcing themselves, and you can’t get bigger than a drama starring Robbie Coltrane and Dame Julie Walters. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Coltrane on our screens (he’ll always be best known for Cracker), and Walters is always worth a watch whatever she does, and this gives them both incredibly meaty roles in something that’s unlike a lot of crime dramas out there at the moment – notably the effect a historical sex offence has on the accused and his family. Now Channel 4 has announced when it will broadcast the series.

The four series examines the impact, both public and private, of accusations of historic sexual offences against a fictional much-loved public figure (played by Coltrane), the series is a timely exploration of truth, memory, trust and family. As the investigation and criminal trial work their way towards a verdict, those closest to Paul must deal with the effects of the investigation. Memories that have become muddied in the intervening four decades are dredged, doubts flourish, loyalties are tested, and truths, half-truths and lies are all exposed.

I’ve seen the first episode and it’s very good indeed, both leads on absolutely tip-top form, handling subject matter that’s difficult and very dark with a sublime ease.

Here’s a trailer:

National Treasure: Tuesday 22nd September, 9pm, Channel 4

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  1. Angela Want says:

    Thank you Paul for all the info. I am addicted to crime drama but travel a lot and often miss things. Angela


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks Angela, it’s a pleasure! There are a lot of things going on at the moment!


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