S4C confirms broadcast date for season three of Hinterland


hinterland-pagehero2Sneakily, Hinterland has become one of the most talked-about British crime dramas. The show, set in the Ceredigion region of west Wales, plays out first on the Welsh-language channel S4C, then in English on BBC4 and then on Netflix, where it reaches a wider, global audience. Judging by the amount of comments we’ve received from non-UK residents, Hinterland (or Y Gwyll in its native Welsh) is a big deal overseas. I anticipated the third series being broadcast in early 2017, but news reaches me today that we’ll see it earlier. A lot earlier than that.

A specially released scene from the first episode has been unveiled today by S4C; giving fans an exclusive first look at the drama.

In the tense scene, DCI Tom Mathias (played by Richard Harrington) is challenged by former colleague DS Sian Owens (Hannah Daniel) in a grilling interview to find out who torched his caravan in the dramatic climax of the second series.

DS Owens suspects Mathias is hiding something. Who is he protecting, and why? Mathias lost everything in the fire – his home, and all his possessions – who could be responsible for such a personal attack?

In this series, many of the mysteries that have intrigued the viewers will come to light, with some shocking revelations. A thrilling journey awaits the fans in this third series, says S4C Drama Commissioner, Gwawr Martha Lloyd.

Gwawr Martha Lloyd says; “The second series ended in a highly dramatic fashion, leaving the audience, like me, hungry for more stories, eager to know what’s happened to the characters and what the future holds for them. The third series reveals the truth about many of the characters, pushing them to their ultimate limit. Several dark secrets lurking since the first series will come to light, and viewers will finally find out the truth. As viewers, we’re sure to get excited, shocked and astonished during the third series.”

The most important thing to remember is that S4C is the first place to see the third series, and that it’s available across the UK. You can get on Freeview in Wales, on Sky, Freesat and Virgin in Wales, England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. English subtitles are available and viewers can also watch online on demand across the UK on s4c.cymru, BBC iPlayer, YouView and other platforms.

Y Gwyll/Hinterland: Sunday 30th October, 9pm, S4C


43 thoughts on “S4C confirms broadcast date for season three of Hinterland

    • robert catherine Baker

      WHEN can we see it in the states? aauuuuuuuuuuuuuggghhhhhhhhhh, I just finished season 2 without realizing that season 3 was not yet available. Can I watch it if I buy a plane ticket, fly to the UK and rent a hotel room? HELP ME. I cannot wait until it comes on Netflix in the US.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. There have been many Scandinavian crime wannabes from the UK (Shetland, One of Us, River, and that awful one with the first person monologues) and I think only Hinterland can claim to be of the same standard as Wallander/Beck &etc.

    It is terribly annoying that the BBC keep repeating series 2, when it is series 1 that is critical to understand the whole trajectory.


  2. I can hardly wait for Season Three. This show has an intensity that just knocks me out– it’s brilliant in every way: casting. photography, scenery, directing– et al. So many law enforcement procedurals are superb, e.g. Wallander, Luther, George Gently, The Killing, The Fall, Happy Valley, True Detective, Body of Proof, Judge Deed, and The Commander– for starters. Another terrific series filmed in Wales is “Without Proof.” But Hinterland takes us into a deeply nuanced dark place with unusual stories and a sophisticated edginess that’s brought to life by great actors and writers. I’m thrilled that they’re going for a third season– we couldn’t just stop caring when an evil woman has the hero’s home fire-bombed.


  3. Sally

    Love, love British mystery dramas. Beats our trash tv here in the States. Its like reading a book, trying to figure out the nuances of twists and turns.


  4. It’s really interesting reading these comments because this is one (of very few) series reviewed here that I have never been able to get into at all. I’m not sure what I’m missing, but I’ve always found the stories and characters quite cliched and predictable. Just goes to show, personal taste must count :)


  5. Annette Attard

    I think this is one of the most brilliant shows I have ever watched!!! I am in Australia and wont get to view series three until July 2017 I have been told!!!
    I really reaaly wish did not have to wait that long!!!!
    Any way to see it earlier please!!
    Regards Annette Attard
    Sydney Australia


  6. Annette Attard

    Cant wait for the season three Killing……
    I am in Australia and need to see conclusion of rhis series!!! Brilliant show and brilliantly acted!!
    Annette Attard


  7. Ylva Eklundh

    I´m hooked……Waiting for S3 on Netflix in Sweden…….Just seen s2 and it´s as good as s1. Sorry to say, we always have to wait for too long……


  8. Pamela

    I have watched season 1 and 2. Excited for season 3. The acting is great. Waiting for it to be on Netflix US. Thank you for the entertainment.


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