Review: Ängelby (S1 E5/12), Wednesday 21st September, ITV Encore


angelbyAnd so the threads, slowly but surely, come together. I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on here, but in this soup of this soapy, supernatural business, episode five began to start making sense. A little bit. But then it goes and builds in something like a crazy ancient Egyptian angle and I was left scratching my head again. Yes, that’s right. Ängelby is surely the only crime drama with a crazy ancient Egyptian angle.

Once again the investigation into Jesper’s death was staged on two fronts: by Amos, the town’s local copper, and Jesper’s two teenage friends, Therese and Calle. The latter two seemed to get much further than the slightly rubbish Amos, who was focusing more on snogging Vera than the case, it seemed. Therese and Calle asked Jesper’s dad John if they could have a snoop around his son’s bedroom. You’d the cops would have scoured this place first, but no, the two teens found a bunch of CDs, with inscriptions apparently made by, ahem, eccentric school teacher Eva on them. On the CDs were strange chants – kah-toon – that were Egyptian, according to Therese’s Google Translate. That coupled with some odd drawings of pyramids found by priest Marcus in his dead parents’ house, means that there is indeed a crazy ancient Egyptian angle to be found in this Swedish town.

Elsewhere, John spoke with Eva near the stone, revealing that he had sent Jesper to the schoolteacher to ‘get better’. Eva had, in turn, sent him to a strange man called Atlas (who we saw whispering to elks in the woods). She also spoke softly to her infirmed daughter (?), telling her that in two months that something special was going to happen, and that things were already taking shape.

Yes, this series is getting dafter and dafter by the episode.

Vera, meanwhile, found out that Torsten had been watching her since 2010 and DNA tests on Jesper had revealed something rather sensational – she was his cousin.

I have no idea where this is going.

Paul Hirons

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