Review: Ängelby (S1 E6/12), Wednesday 28th September, ITV Encore

angelbyWe’ve reached the half-way stage of this bonkers Swedish supernatural crime drama, and there felt as though things really began to happen in this sixth episode. Connections between characters previously unseen began to reveal themselves. Which was great, but I still came away scratching my head. 

There was so much going on this episode, I think it’s best if I just list a load of stuff that happened and then ponder into the night…

  • Vera found out that she was adopted, which meant that she could indeed be murder victim Jesper’s cousin.
  • It seems Jakob and Markus, Yvette and Britt-Louise are all connected somehow. As is Rudi. Jakob and Markus, we know, experienced their parents taking their own lives. Newly sighted Yvette ‘saw’ them hanging from the rafters after she took Vera to see their place; Britt-Louise broke in and was revealed to have worked for them, perhaps as a nanny to Jakob and Markus. In the final scenes she went round to Rudi’s place ‘not to accuse him’. Something happened to them all, for sure.
  • Yvette met Atlas, who said she wanted to go ‘home’.
  • Mad Rudi was pressing ahead with his development plan, but his workers found skeletons on the plot. From where, who knows?
  • Priest Markus sat an exasperated Vera down and told her about the stone – that it come from the sky back in the 17th century and that it was said to bestow those who bathed in its presence super powers. It also did damage to people, too.
  • There was a sense that people knew who Vera was and why she was there. Yvette, in the scene where she visualised Jakob and Markus’s parents hanging, ran out of the house screaming, “I’m sorry Vera, it was to soon for you.” And Jakob and Markus discussed Vera on two occasions, too.
  • Vera’s kids were back in town, and creepy witch teacher Eva soon caught up with poor little Espen. She somehow had a kitten in the boot of her car, which she presented to the child, telling him it was ok to hurt it and break its neck. Cheers.

So what can we learn for all this? Vera is obviously some sort of prophesied being, coming back to Ängelby to sort things out. But what? Something ghostly and supernatural? Does she have a connection to Atlas, who is being presented as some sort of supernatural being. What’s really intriguing me is the reason why Jakob and Markus’s took their own lives, and the real connection between Rudi and Britt-Louise, and Yvette.

Who can say at the moment? It’s bonkers stuff, and there are still six episodes to go!

Paul Hirons

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