Why 9pm, Thursday is your new TV logjam

ctelvlkwyaaenv1It happens from time to time, especially when there’s just so much going on in the world of crime drama. We’re slap-bang in the middle of the new autumn season, and it’s only natural to expect that channels will schedule some of its wares not necessarily against each other but playing out at the same time. This season, it looks as though Thursday nights are the big logjam, so it’s best to set your DVRs accordingly. So, what’s on tonight?

The Fall
9pm, BBC2
The highly-anticipated third series of this deadly cat-and-mouse game starts tonight, and it’s a rip-roaring, super-tense episode set in the hospital that’s treating shot serial killer Paul Spector. Watching over him his nemesis/obsessor DCI Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson). It’s unclear what’s going to happen, and whether Spector will a) survive, and b) subjected to the justice he deserves.
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The Night Of
9pm, Sky Atlantic
If you haven’t seen this it’s really great stuff. Adapted by Steven Zallian and crime novelist and Wire writer Richard Price, it’s a riff of BBC series Criminal Justice. It stars Riz Ahmed as a young student who picks up a young woman one evening on the way to a party. He goes back to her place, and they indulge in some booze and drugs, as well as some hully gully. He wakes up to find her dead, and as prime suspect. We follow him as he passes through the US justice system. Also starring an unforgettable John Turturro as hustler lawyer, John Stone.
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9pm, ITV
It had a bit of a rocky start last week, but it did present us with a strong, sticky premise – a man stabs a mother to death in a kids playground, escaping unidentified. We then switched to the investigation – led by a team whose members displayed some personality idiosyncrasies of their own. Let’s hope it picks up this week.
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