BBC reveals first-look image from Top Of The Lake season two

Top Of The LakeJane Campion’s Top Of The Lake was a stunner. Set in the impossibly beautiful New Zealand wilderness it was the heart-rending story of a pregnant, 12-year-old girl who disappeared after trying to kill herself. Tasked with finding her was detective Robin Griffin (Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss), and along the way she came across some eccentric, sinister characters. It was a masterpiece, so when the news broke that it would be returning for a second series, I was thrilled. Now the BBC has released the second series’ first image, which you can see after the jump.

624The second series is a crime mystery story that begins four years on from the explosive ending of series one. When the unidentified body of an Asian girl washes up on to Sydney’s Bondi Beach the case seems hopeless – until detective Robin Griffin discovers that “China Girl” didn’t die alone.

There’s not much to go on with the image, but it’s just good to see Robin Griffin back.

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  1. Alan says:

    Moss was great in the first series, but as an Australian, it’s a bit offputting to see an American doing an accent and playing the lead role in an Australian series. Though I am aware that Australian actors do that in the US


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