Review: Ängelby (S1 E7/12), Wednesday 5th October, ITV Encore


angelbyWe’re into the home straight with this Swedish supernatural crime drama, and what initially started off as a whodunit to find the killer of teen superstar hockey player Jesper Wallin in the backwater town of Ängelby has turned into… well, I’m not quite sure what. If the first six episodes had been bonkers, episode seven tipped over into the realms of utter ridiculousness.

There were some significant shifts in this episode, including, astonishingly, a flashback to ancient Egypt. That has to be the first time in crime drama history that has flashbacked to 3,000BC and inside  pyramid. It was quite a shock, and from then on in, while I was recovering from scratching my head so much, Ängelby’s curious, odd, tenuous and highly bonkers Egyptian connection was explained. Kind of.

It turns out that we have Jakob and Mikel’s late father, Stig Wrede, to blame for all this. Thanks to some amateur detective work Vera joined forces with the siblings to find a hidden interview tape with the professor, who sternly explained to his interviewer why he was about to move he and his family out to Cairo. I’m going to quote it all, just because:

“The reason is a dream of a better world. There have always been myths of a perfect kingdom. Atlantis. Shambhala.. I believe some of them might have existed. This very place, Eraq El Sain, just outside Cairo, was without doubt an excellent place to live in 3,000BC. There’s a pyramid there, not as big as the other pyramids. I’m convinced that whatever created that kingdom is inside. There will be more of shrine there, but a shrine with genuine power.”

And then, on a later video, talking about his return to Ängelby: “Back then the pharaohs would select a recipient who was to touch the stone when it happened. The discharge. The Egyptians were skilled at predicting the occurrence using astrology, so when the time came the sent the chosen one into the pyramid to receive the power. Through him it could transmuted to into other pure and harmless forms. We’ve found a well-preserved body in the pyramid, right by the foot of the stone. I’ve heard of a similar stone here in Sweden, which is why we moved to angleby.”

And, sure enough, something on one of the interviews had jogged Markus’s memory and they found an actual Egyptian sarcophagus hidden in a crate in the kitchen. I kid you not.

Not only that, but the shield that the body within had an astronomic pattern on it that matched the pattern being left on Jakob’s garage floor by a mystery arranger (probably Atlas) and that of a doagram that Eva had in her office. She had written down something on her pad ,we saw, which suggested that something was indeed coming to the town, and something that had been set in motion. Something that people were warning Vera against and suggesting she get out of the place as quick as possible. Something that Atlas, Elsie at the cafe and even Amos were in on.

On Eva’s pad were written three places:


Come on now. Don’t be silly.

Paul Hirons

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