BBC4 confirms transmission date for The Code


dr1426h004s00_57d764029d993Last year, BBC4 aired out Australian thriller The Code – it was more of a thriller than a crime drama, so I stayed away from it (there’s only so much I can watch and write about). But it was recommissioned for a second series, and the channel as picked that up, too. Now we know when it’s going to go out.

Series two feels much more up our street.

Two Australians are murdered by militia in West Papua, the only survivor being Jan Roth (Anthony LaPaglia), the fugitive founder of “dark web” site UndaCounta. Roth’s panicked phone call brings him to the attention of Australian authorities, who approach Ned and Jesse Banks at their mother’s funeral to seek their assistance in finding and arresting Roth. The Australian Federal Police threaten them with deportation to the United States for their previous actions, but Jesse volunteers to help when informed that a young boy, Callum, has been kidnapped by the people behind the site to be sold as a sex slave. With the encouragement of the government’s cyber ops chief, Lara Dixon (Sigrid Thornton), Jesse gains Roth’s trust by offering him the decryption keys to the parliamentary network and the identities of several undercover intelligence officers. Roth agrees to meet him in Far North Queensland, and Jesse takes Hani with him to hand over the files, however Roth eludes the police team watching them and takes Jesse and Hani onto his boat to return to West Papua.

Look out for it on Saturday 22nd October, 9pm, BBC4.


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