Sky Atlantic secures Belgian crime drama, Public Enemy

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-08-56-47Back in April, I wrote a piece about the rise of Belgian drama (read it here) and, obviously for this site, crime drama. Three were gaining some sort of buzz – Beau Séjour, Public Enemy and The Break – and there was speculation that one or all of them would end up on a British channel or streaming service. Now one of them, we’ve learned, has been snapped up by Sky.

Television Business International reports that the series has been picked up by the British digital network and will be broadcast on the Sky Atlantic channel.

The series itself features child killer Guy Béranger, who’s released after 20 years in jail. He seeks refuge with the monks of Vielsart, a small village in the Ardennes, and is placed under the protection of a federal police inspector. A few days later, a little girl goes missing. What’s more, Public Enemy is inspired by recent events that have traumatised Belgium.

More news as we get it…


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  1. Rob says:

    Why does Sky persist in calling its so-called premier channel ‘Sky Atlantic’ when clearly it is not. This acquisition is more proof that they are not getting enough first class material from America, from across the ‘Atlantic’.
    Sky! Just leave the rest of the world for other channels and stick with America, or change the name of your restrictive premier channel. Maybe; Sky Repeat/s or perhaps the more relevant Sky Channel G.O.T. because let us be honest here, that is all anybody seems to watch on the channel judging by the Sky promotion and hype.


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