Alibi launches world’s first Facebook Live murder mystery event


14716182_10154621106871719_2425607939227577013_nBritish crime channel Alibi – part of the UKTV network – is launching what’s being billed as the world’s first ever Facebook Live murder mystery event. Kicking off from 8pm tonight (Thursday 13th October) it’s an interactive experience where viewers of the broadcast on facebook can actually solve a murder (not a real one). Read on for more…

Framed begins as a security guard patrols the halls on his usual night shift at an exclusive art gallery. Unexpectedly trapped in a room with a dead body, the guard has just 30 minutes to solve the murder mystery before being framed for the crime himself.

As the guard navigates through the Escape Room, viewers are presented with choices at key junctions. Encouraged to discuss, debate and vote for the best course of action in real time, it’s up to the viewers whether the guard will solve the mystery, escape or get arrested for murder.

The event precedes the launch of series three of Crossing Lines, which starts on the channel at 9pm.

Here are some details…

If you fancy getting involved, go to Alibi’s facebook page, here


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