Review: Ängelby (S1 E9/12), Wednesday 19th October, ITV Encore

angelbyEpisode eight of Ängelby was the one where lots of things were revealed, and where Vera finally found out who her parents were (the product of Stig Wrede raping Britt-Louise). We also got some idea of what the links between Ängelby and ancient Egypt were – it’s all to do with the stone in the forest and an alignment of planets, which is supposed to pre-empt some sort of cosmic happening (or ‘discharge’ as the characters rather disconcertingly refer to it). Oh, and the little boy cycling around the town? He could well be the dead teenager Jesper. Yep. It’s that sort of crime show.

Things felt a bit static in this ninth episode. That wasn’t surprising really, when you consider the sheer amount of information revealed in episode eight. Things started off with a discussion between Vera and her newly discovered step-brothers, Jakob and Markus, who admitted that they had known that their father, Stig, had not only raped Britt-Louise but had scalded her with boiling water during the assault. Nice guy.

Elsewhere, creepy Eva had confronted Therese about her and Calle’s break-in, scaring her off; Rudi admitted that he had beaten Jesper within an inch of his life (but didn’t kill him), escaped from jail and then was kidnapped, and then escaped from that. It was safe to say he hadn’t had the best of days. Jakob and Markus, in amateur detective mode, had used their ancient PC to determine – using the planetary pattern embedded into the sarcophagus’s shield (and the same one Eva has been staring wistfully at) when the planets would align again. The big day was set for 1st July (I’m not sure what the date is in Ängelby, but judging by the characters’ faces 1st July seems to be very soon).

One thing I noticed in among all the ridiculousness was the emergence of Vivenka, Amos’s deputy. She’s becoming more and more prevalent, either offering no-nonsense advice to her pained boss or generally casting a suspicious eye over the strange developments in her town. I wonder if she’s yet to play some sort of role in it all.

At the end of the episode there was more sucky news for Vera – just as she was off to meet her family in Brussels, Amos told her that they had been involved in a car crash. None of them had survived, he told her. Poor Vera. This whole sequence of her life has been a nightmare from start to finish, and now, if the reports are correct, she’s destined to stay in Ängelby alone, whether she likes it or not.

Paul Hirons

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  1. moon5952 says:

    We watched the final 2 episodes last night. Our thoughts on Angelby echo your reviews so far. Perplexing, bizarre, bonkers and ultimately very enjoyable. I’m not sure that you’ll find answers to all the questions raised by the actions of the various characters throughout the series but I’m quite forgiving in that respect. I enjoyed the show as a whole and can overlook the occasional plot oddity.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Haha.. you’re absolutely right in your description. With a show like this, I would’ve normally turned off long ago, but it’s bonkers and fun. I almost want it to go even more bonkers for the finale!


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