Review: The Level (S1 E4/6), Friday 21st October, ITV

the_level_star_karla_crome_on_filming_that_big_twist___i_didn_t_see_it_coming__Considering that it’s called The Level, this is a rather uneven series, and time is running out for it to regain some balance. So much happens in episode four, that you wonder why nothing much happened in the last couple of episodes.  

Some mysteries remain. Why, for instance is Frank Le Saux’s wife, Cherie (Amanda Burton) so shamefully underused? She hardly gets more than a line and a twisted smile this week; surely the time must come when she’ll become a more central figure in the plot?

But some secrets have been revealed, not that they were that unpredictable; Gil’s confessed that he knows Nancy isn’t his daughter, and claims that Frank knew it too. Where does this leave Nancy’s supposed relationship with Frank? If he kept this secret from her all this time, does she owe him any loyalty at all? She’s left in a right state (though she seems to have recovered miraculously from her gunshot wound).

Also no surprises when it turns out that Kevin is on the payroll of the sinister Elliott; they share chips on the seafront, which is suspicious in itself. Gunner is now apparently in the clear, though he’s still not entirely happy that Nancy broke into his flat to try to establish whether he is the mole.

Shay Nash is certainly a nasty piece of work; he’s supposed to be working with Elliot, which is bad enough, but he also seems determined to sow dissent among the Le Sauxs. But we still don’t reckon he has the bottle to be a murderer; the seemingly benign Daryl is still our favourite, though his beating at the hands of Elliot’s thugs makes him apparently more sympathetic.

The fact that Kettler moved all the money out of the Le Saux business makes us even more certain that Frank is still alive, so Nancy’s plan to go undercover with Elliot seems bound to make things even muddier. With her boss Newman the only one in the know, Nancy is surely bound to become compromised.

As a test of her loyalty, Elliot has Nancy participate in a raid on the Le Saux depot; she sets the place alight, but realises that she has been captured on CCTV. Considering that she’s already been captured on CCTV once, when she was looking for treatment for her gunshot wound, this doesn’t bode well.

Relationships are at the heart of The Level, but technology is ingrained in the plot. CCTV, mobile phones and DNA evidence will almost certainly land Nancy in it, and we reckon that in the end, she will be accused of a murder she did not commit, and which indeed may not even have occurred. Frank Le Saux, where are you now that we need you?

Chris Jenkins

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