The Killing and Borgen creators’ Below The Surface and Sofia Helin’s Honour lead MIPCOM crime drama sales

belowThe MIPCOM event in Cannes – where TV people get together to present and buy and sell distribution deals – is always worth keeping an eye on, because there are always some new crime dramas from the Nordic region that are touted that will, hopefully, eventually make it to these shores. During the latest conference, the likes of the new series of Follow The Money, the second series of Trapped and the much-touted Midnight Sun (which debuts in Sweden this weekend and we talked about here some months ago) all secured deals, but what of the rest? Leading the way were Soren Sveistrup and Adam Price’s new series, Below The Surface, and Sofia Helin’s latest project. Read on for more…

Below the Surface
Copenhagen, 2017. 15 innocent people are held hostage underground in a subway train. From BAFTA award-winners Soren Sveistrup (The Killing) and Adam Price (Borgen), and Meta Louise Foldager Sorensen (A Royal Affair). Those 15 people are taken hostage by three masked armed men. A task force led by Philip Norgaard (Johannes Lassen, “1864”) is sent in to rescue them as a journalist (Paprika Steen, “The Celebration”) plays go-between with their captors.

Sofia Helin and Alexandra Rapaport star in this drama, set in an all-female human rights law firm whose team is endangered by the controversial cases they handle. 

The Valhalla Murders
I can’t find information on this, except it’s directed by Thordur Palsson and has ‘murders’ in the title, which is good enough for this site. And it’s from Iceland, which is developing into quite a crime drama hotspot.

Fangar (Prisoners)
After a lifetime of mistakes, Linda is sent to serve time in Iceland’s only women’s prison for a vicious assault that leaves her father in a coma. But no-one knows that she harbours a dark secret that could tear her family apart, a secret that could set her free.

Jakob Oftebro will play the opportunistic career hunter and special investigator, Joel Dreyer, who is ordered north to solve a murder case. In the new environment he becomes a fish out of water, and his arrogance and lack of social skills, leading him to make fatal mistakes.

Dan Sommersdahl
The Bridge co-creator Nikolaj Scherfig has adapted Anna Grue’s best-selling novels. Set in a picturesque, Scandinavian coastal town, each episode will see the books’ main character Dan Sommerdahl and his best friend, Detective Superintendent Fleming Torp, investigate and solve a new murder case.

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  1. Heather Letham says:

    In Australia we have Below the Surface on SBS
    Its a brilliant series if you get a chancento watch it.


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      Thanks Heather, will look out for it!


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