Will Midnight Sun be the next big Scandinavian hit?

123mid-jpg-1It’s always good to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world of Scandinavian and Nordic crime drama – it’s just so damn popular over here in the UK – and networks are forever searching for that next big hit. This year it was Trapped, that fantastic Icelandic drama that really helped to put the island on the televisual map and, just perhaps, kick-start a new industry. Next year? It’s always hard to tell, but there’s one Swedish/French crime drama that has been doing the rounds at MIPCOM and debuts in its native Sweden this weekend that might just be your next Scandi fix. 

NRK in Norway, DR in Denmark, RUV in Iceland, MTV3 in Finland, ZDF in Germany, SBS in Australia, HOT in Israel, VRT in Belgium, and Lumière in Benelux… these are just some of the territories and channels that the show has been sold into. “If this doesn’t become a success that goes on to export, I will eat up my hat,” Karolina Fjellborg wrote in tabloid Aftonbladet. At the time of writing, no such deals have been announced for UK distribution, but I’m hopeful that it’ll be snapped up fairly soon. BBC? Sky? Channel 4? Someone else? Netflix? We can only wait.

midnight-sunUntil then, it’s anticipated that the show will secure high viewing figures when it airs on STV tomorrow night (Sunday 23rd). All being well, we’ll be bringing you a first look review, but until then, here’s a little taster (although we did write about it here some months ago).

This is what Variety had to say about it:

Midnight Sun weighs in as a drama-thriller tracking a French police officer, Kahina Zadi, dispatched from Paris to Kiruna, a small mining community in Arctic Sweden, to lead the investigation of the gruesome murder of a French citizen. From the first two episodes, seen at April’s Series Mania, we know that Zadi and her investigating partner, local Swedish D.A., Anders Harnesk, initially connect the crimes to Sami ritual. The invite to Mipcom’s press conference talks, however, about a 10-year conspiracy “involving many of the townsfolk.”

By all accounts the Sami people that populate the northern-most parts of Sweden and Finland come under the spotlight in Midnight Sun, and the ‘second story’ that Hans Rosenfeldt often references when talking about why Scandinavian and Nordic drama has an edge over its contemporaries may well be the treatment and portrayal of the Samis as well as crimes against the environment.

With stunning landscapes and tormented cops, it has all the familiar ingredients that we love in the UK. We’ve also been told that the opening scene is a bit of a stunner.

Let’s hope someone snaps it up for the UK soon.

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