Trapped wins prestigious Prix Europa award for fiction series


cviwy3zxeaatnfeIt’s worth reminding ourselves that earlier on this year – right at the start of 2016 – BBC4 broadcast a new Icelandic series that went on to become one of the most popular crime dramas of the year. Not necessarily in audience figures (although they were very good for BBC4), but because of the amount of cult buzz it produced within the crime community. It really was a stunning series in a year of stunning series, and now it has been awarded a prestigious award from The European Broadcasting Festival.

So what is the Prix Europa Awards? The European Broadcasting Festival awards the best European Television, Radio and Online productions each year with the aim of publicising them throughout Europe and supporting their continental distribution and use. It calls on all media professionals and their commitment to quality to compete against each other with their best productions. The awards distinguish themselves by their unique juries, which are open to all programme makers from across the continent. All competition entries are assessed and evaluated in a public and open debate.

So it’s a pretty big deal, and the jury list is enormous and spans the entire continent.

Trapped won Best European TV Fiction Series Or Mini-series, which was great news for the team.

This is what the jury said about the show:

This outstanding series is based on an exceptional male character, supported by a fantastic cast, set in a stunning landscape, also fighting the forces of nature.

Congratulations to all. We have a feeling that this isn’t the only award that Trapped will be winning this year…

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10 thoughts on “Trapped wins prestigious Prix Europa award for fiction series

    • Charlotte Carling

      I agree, very well deserved. It’s just been broadcast in Sweden and I watched most of it a second time. Top quality through and through. Too bad we will have to wait two more years for Trapped to return.


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