Review: Ängelby (S1 E10&11/12), Wednesday 26th October and Wednesday 2nd November, ITV Encore


angelbyI think intimated that the past week has been extremely busy for me, so I’m in catch-up mode when it comes to things like Ängelby and The Missing. I’m going to delve into the bonkers Swedish supernatural/crime drama first, if only because things are really coming to the boil in that out-of-the-way town where weord things happen. Next week’s episode is the finale, but the build-up to it has been nothing short of hectic, including finding out who killed young Jesper.

I picked up the action immediately after Vera found out about the death of her ex-husband and two children. Naturally she was devastated, but in her moments of grieving she was visited by someone, someone who we thought was long gone: Torsten. That wild-haired strangeling walked through the door of the chapel (well, he stumbled really) and told Vera not to worry; that he was dead but he had popped in to say hello, and that he wanted to take her to meet someone. So through the door and down some stair they went, until they reached… a bowling alley. A bowling alley? Yes. And Atlas was waiting for them there, as well as a whole alley full of dead people (including her ex-husband and children), well, bowling to their hearts’ content.

Atlas seemed to me to be like the dwarf dude in Twin Peaks – like some sort of sentient being who guides people from one plane (or as he described, frequencies) to another, from one dimension to the next. The rest of episode 10 saw Atlas school Vera in the ways of this new frequency (or dimension). She was the ‘chosen one’ and she was urged to go to the stone at the time of the convergance (or discharge). To do what I’m still not entirely sure, but judging by the way the townsolk were fracturing – some were all for Vera channeling this great power, some were not – things were coming to a head.

But for Vera and Atlas it was school time. He was pushing her off cliffs and asking her to drive off the side of the road. Each time she survived “knowing what she has to do”. But I’m unclear – as she returned to Ängelby after her tough training by Atlas, she was all dressed in white. Is she did too?

Meanwhile, there were other plot strands: Amos was revealed to be the person who pushed Jesper into Vera’s oncoming car. Why? He was instructed to keep in Ängelby at all costs. Elsewhere, Åke and Rune were making some mischief and threatening to hijack the whole stone convergeance thing, and Vivenker was trying to figure out what on earth was going on in the town. She wasn’t the only one. With Britt-Louise trying to save Vera from what feels like a suicide mission, it was left for Jesper’s killer to be revealed. We saw Rudi beat him, but it was his mother Martha who actually finished him off. Why? Well, he had become someone else. Thanks to the stone he had received almost super-human powers and was on the verge of becoming an NHL star. But he was also becoming agressive and killing animals for fun.

I’m not entirely sure whether I believe that a mother could kill her son for these reasons (perhaps report him to the police instead?), so this felt a little hollow.

What wasn’t hollow was the palpable sense the something was about to happen. Something weird, strange and unexplainable, which sort of mirrors this whole series.

Paul Hirons

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