ITV pulls the plug on DCI Banks after five series


LEFT BANK PICTURES PRESENTS FOR ITV DCI BANKS SERIES 4. Pictured: ANDREA LOWE as DS Annie Cabot, STEPHEN TOMPKINSON as DCI Banks and CAROLINE CATZ as DI Helen Morton. Photographer: Matt Squires. This image is the copyright of LEFT BANK PICTURE/ITV and must only be used in relation to DCI BANKS. The images are for one use only, any further use must be checked with the ITV Picture Desk.

ITV adaptation of Peter Robinson’s DCI Banks have been on our screens for six years and five series, and have provided solid procedural fare with a memorable main character and supporting cast. Now, like all good things, it’s time to say goodbye to the jazz-loving, Moors-living, wine-drinking grump.

According to the Radio Times this afternoon:

After five series, ITV has taken the decision not to recommission DCI Banks. We’re grateful to the production team at Left Bank Pictures for creating the world of DCI Banks and the actors Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz for the commitment and dedication they’ve shown to their roles.

A shame then, but not the biggest surprise in the world. Stephen Tomkinson was very good as Banks, and Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz were excellent in their supporting roles (although in some ways I thought they were the real stars of the show). I know people who thought DCI Banks – both the character and the show – was dull as dishwater, but I actually quite enjoyed it, thinking it to be solid, watchable fare. (Although, to be fair, I had drifted away from the show in the past year or so.)

So, farewell Banks!


2 thoughts on “ITV pulls the plug on DCI Banks after five series

  1. Patricia Cox

    So sad to hear this. I thought the show was visceral, atmospheric, and well acted. I never read the books, but the storylines in this show have stayed with me, unlike many other things on television. I will be following the actors to see what they do next. The three leads are excellent, and so is the actor that plays the sergeant – he played an inspector in the Father Brown series and I loved him in that. DCI Banks will be missed!


  2. Mike Stafford

    Wow. Another favourite show of mine ends. I think the cast did an excellent job of portraying the characters from the books. The new characters were wonderful additions. The atmosphere from the books was captured rather well by the writers and directors. It was a series I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Bravo to all involved.


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