De Niro and Moore crime drama heading to Amazon


Deniro-ROTA little while ago we brought you news that Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore were the latest Hollywood superstars to migrate to television (read that story here), to star in a new, unnamed series penned by David O Russell. The two Oscar winners follow in the footsteps of people like Matthew McConaughey and Winona Ryder in their move to television. For viewers like you and me, this is good news. And now we know where the series is going to be broadcast and, nominally, what it might be about.

Deadline reports:

The project stirred buzz in the marketplace in early August, weeks before it officially hit the marketplace, with agents soliciting firm offers and big guarantees on behalf of the their clients in order for a network to hear the pitch. We hear Amazon landed the drama in a competitive situation, with FX also actively pursuing it.

We hear the untitled series has received a two-season commitment in a $160 million deal. Each season will consist of eight episodes, all written and directed by Russell. Details about the show are sketchy, but we hear it is a mafia crime series.

Robert De Niro in a ‘Mafia crime series’? Surely some mistake!

More news as we get it…


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