Review: Ängelby (S1 E12/12), Wednesday 9th November, ITV Encore


angelbyIt was a busy old night on Wednesday, with both that episode of The Missing and Dark Heart tempting me, so I had to catch up with the finale episode of Ängelby tonight. Yes, the final episode of this insane, ridiculous, bonkers crime story cum supernatural caper. We now know that a cosmic discharge is coming, all channeled by the stone on the woods; a discharge last encountered in Ancient Egypt. Now it’s coming to the small town of Ängelby in Sweden, where everyone is a bit loopy. See, I told you it was a bit crazy.

I’ve been watching this series for three months (THREE MONTHS!) and I still hadn’t quite figured things out. By the end of the finale, I was none the wiser.

The clock was ticking and the inhabitants of Ängelby were getting restless and going slightly mad with the anticipation. As we saw last week a faction, led by the grumps that are Åke and Rune (who, up until episode 11, were Ängelby’s version of Statler and Waldorf), had gathered the town people together, telling them that their time was now and that The Stone would grant them their wildest dreams. Unfortunately, Vera was going to stand in the way of all that, and with the promise of untold power and increased physical strength, Åke and Rune did their best to get her out of the way. Permanently.

But it wasn’t just Åke and Rune who wanted Vera out of the way – Britt-Louise wanted to keep her daughter from attending the ritual because she would surely die, and Elsie was in cahoots with the Chuckle Brothers.

But thanks to Amos, Vivenka and a returning Lisa (who gave Vera the thingamajig from Egypt), our heroine made it to the stone and, after a few mishaps, finally unlocked the power that made all the dead and dying residents of the town come back to life. Her kids, Rudi (who had been killed by Britt-Louise earlier in the episode), Torsten, who we saw hilariously and rather camply turning sausages on the grill, and even Jesper.

But a word about Vera. Since last week’s trial by Atlas she’s been walking around Ängelby all dressed in white. She’s dead, but not as we know it. In this episode she started to see the future just by touching people – Elsie had taken an overdose, Åke and Rune had murdered each other in a quarrel, Eva’s daughter had killed her mother after saving her, John had been shot – so it was obvious that she had begun to exist on another plane. As the final credits began to roll and we saw the previously deceased residents of Ängelby stroll around enjoying their new lives, Vera was tasked by Atlas to go off with Amos and do some planet-saving work.

I still don’t get what this work is. Are they angels? And if so, what are they going to be doing? Atlas seemed to help people into the next world, so maybe they’ll be doing that. Other things I didn’t get? I still didn’t understand why Ängelby was chosen for the next cosmic discharge. It just seemed a bit too ridiculous. And what happened to all the dead in the field?

So it was a bit a head-scratching series all round, but the one thing, or person, keeping me going was Mia Skäringer as Vera. She was brilliant and hugely natural and believable while everything around her was not.

So farewell Ängelby, you big, mad, weird thing.

Paul Hirons

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6 thoughts on “Review: Ängelby (S1 E12/12), Wednesday 9th November, ITV Encore

  1. You got there in the end then eh? I came up with the same conclusion. Sort of angels sent by Atlas to restore things ‘as they should be?’
    So, only certain people can channel the power though others might crave it for their own personal reasons. And that’s as it should be because for those not meant to harness the power only ill will come of it.
    A lovely, confusing , silly and enjoyable series. I’m still not too sure what was going on but it was a lot of fun.
    Angelby II?


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