Walter Presents acquires Norwegian drama Valkyrien for UK transmission

t4hhml07ysjzzedz7zq3cajkwphlt1zwsvhn0xjw-iogAs you all know by now, we all do love a bit of Scandi noir (or whatever you want to call it these days) and we have a decent-sounding one coming up in a few weeks time on BBC4 (Modus). But that other source of foreign-language crime drama, Walter Presents, has announced that we’ll be getting another one some time next year. It’s Norwegian, and it’s called Valkyrien.

According to Television Broadcast International, Valkyrien will debut in Norway in January. So the hope is that it follow soon afterwards in the UK. This is the low-down:

Eight-part Valkyrien, from Tordenfilm and for Norwegian pubcaster NRK, is a high concept drama set around an illegal, Oslo underworld hospital. A physician working there is forced to make connections with the criminal world and off-the-grid patients to finance a plan to cure his terminally ill wife, who is in an induced coma.

It sounds like it has a bit of the Breaking Bads about it (man forced into doing something criminal to look after his family).

More news as we get it…

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  1. benjitek says:

    It’s not ‘Scandi noir’, but instead a relatively newly hatched genre: Nordic Noir


    1. Seija says:

      Sorry, Benjitek, but I must disagree with you; it can be Scandinavian Noir (often abbreviated Scandi Noir) or Nordic Noir, at least according to wikipedia

      As for me, as an inhabitant in Scandinavia, both are ok. Nordic Noir which is based on Scandianvian Crime Fiction can be called both Nordic Noir or Scandinavian Noir (or Scandi Noir).


      1. benjitek says:

        Thanks Seija, had no idea — and I thought I knew everything ;-)


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