The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 14th – Sunday 20th November)

rizzoliandisles-default-nologo-1600x900-800x450_050320140110It’s pretty much as you were this week, with continuing series like Y Gwyll and The Missing dominating things, while over on BBC4, the disappointing Dark Water comes to a conclusion. Aside from that it’s the final ever episode of Alibi’s Rizzoli & Isles – always a hugely watchable and enjoyable series. Enjoy!

1 Y Gwyll/Hinterland *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The concluding part of a two-part story.
Sunday 20th November, 9pm, S4C

In Germany, the press descend on Eckhausen for a trial, when a seemingly vital piece of new evidence comes to light. Gemma receives a surprise phone call from Julien and finds a new purpose to help her break through her stupor. Julien’s health is failing, but he is determined not to give up in the Webster case yet and, searching for a third suspect, he comes across a name that he recognises. Later, Matthew’s behaviour becomes more and more extreme, culminating in a violent altercation with life-changing consequences for the Webster family.
Wednesday 16th November, 9pm, BBC1

Irish crime drama starring Iain Glen. Former garda Jack Taylor investigates the disappearance of a woman’s teenage daughter, a task that leads him into the underworld of Galway City. When four bodies turn up in the river and Jack’s favourite barman dies in mysterious circumstances, everything he believes in begins to unravel – making him question those closest to him.
Thursday 17th November, 9pm, Channel 5

The duo investigates one final case before Maura heads to Paris and Jane gets ready for her new role at the academy.
Wednesday 16th November, 9pm, Alibi

Eric is visited at his office by someone connected to Kate. Cornell is blindsided by shocking news from her ex-husband.
Tuesday 15th November, 9pm, W

A guilt-ridden Nick and Tori investigate the death of Toohey, and his links to the Pointers gang. Meanwhile, CSO Brenda turns her attention to the Thrustr Killer, who is still at large, and discovers crucial DNA evidence that not only confirms Tori’s suspicions, but also implicates gangster-turned-businessman Kyle Hampton.
Saturday 19th November, 9pm, BBC4


7 Dark Heart
Here’s another chance to see this one-off. During an August heat wave in London, DI Will Wagstaffe and his team investigate a series of horrifying and brutal attacks on people who were accused of being paedophiles, but never convicted.
Tuesday 15th November 9pm, ITV Encore

8 The Mrs Bradley Mysteries
Amateur sleuth Adela Bradley (Diana Rigg) is asked to give a lecture at her old school, but her visit takes an unexpected turn after a teacher is murdered during a production of the Mikado. When she and her chauffeur George investigate, they uncover a tangled web of skulduggery and secret affairs.
Wednesday 16th November, 8pm, Drama

9 Luther
The maverick detective returns to work after a traumatic arrest to investigate the murder of a former child genius’s parents, and quickly deduces that their daughter is responsible. However, unable to find evidence to convict, he becomes embroiled in a battle of wits with the suspect – who has set her sights on him and his estranged wife.
Wednesday 16th November, 11pm, Alibi

10 The Shield
An episode directed by David Mamet. During a routine bust on bangers, Vic and the Team discover a money laundering ring that reaches far and wide in the crime community. Meanwhile, Dutch takes the chilling confession of the man who was arrested in the serial-rape case, and Danny goes undercover.
Wednesday 16th November, 10pm, AMC UK


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