The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 28th November – Sunday 4th December)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 15/11/2016 - Programme Name: The Missing series 2 - TX: 23/11/2016 - Episode: n/a (No. 7) - Picture Shows: Sam Webster (DAVID MORRISSEY), Gemma Webster (KEELEY HAWES) - (C) New Pictures - Photographer: New Pictures

(C) New Pictures – Photographer: New Pictures

It’s a decent week in crime drama land, with the finale of the twisty-turny Missing, a well as the continuing Modus over on BBC4. But there’s also something starting this week – the three-part series Rillington Place, which sees Yim Roth and Samantha Morton star in the re-telling of the John Christie story. Advanced reports suggest that it’s a goodie. Also look out for out for vintage radio drama, with a new adaptation of Jacque Futrelle’s The Thinking Machine.

In 2014, the truth about the re-appearance of `Alice’ is revealed, as the circumstances of her escape back to Eckhausen are finally revealed. In 2016, armed with fresh information, Sam and Gemma present a new, united front as they join Julien in a desperate race to track Alice and Sophie’s abductor all the way from Germany to the mountains of Switzerland.
Wednesday 30th November, 9pm, BBC1

Police have finally found the body of murdered TV chef Isabella Levin, but the killer continues his pursuit of young witness Stina, daughter of criminal psychologist Inger Vik. Meanwhile, the widowed husband of Bishop Elisabeth Lindgren begins to act very strangely, and Rolf Ljungberg starts to doubt the fidelity of his businessman husband, Marcus Stahl.
Saturday 3rd December, 9pm, BBC4

3 Y Gwyll/Hinterland *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Sunday 4th December, 9pm, S4C

4 Rillington Place *NEW UK PREMIERE SERIES*
John Reginald Christie and his estranged wife Ethel are reunited after a nine-year separation and move into 10 Rillington Place. As war breaks out, the fractures in their relationship begin to reappear, with deceit, suspicion and violence never far below the veneer of married respectability.
Tuesday 29th November, 9pm, BBC1

The private detective is hired by the daughter of a former inmate of a Magdalen asylum . The woman asks him to identify a nun, known only as Lucifer, who took great pleasure in relentlessly torturing young girls at the institution, but he is immediately alerted to the possibility of a cover-up after being warned off by local hard-man Bill Cassell. He also discovers files that could have implicated the nun are missing from church records, and things are soon complicated further when her nephews are found murdered.
Thursday 1st December, 9pm, Channel 5

The secrets surrounding the mysterious house in Mint Hill Drive are revealed, while Cornell edges closer to finding Kate’s killer. Eric enlists Danny’s help in unlocking Kate’s second tablet and the information that it provides proves devastating.
Tuesday 29th November, 9pm, W

Double bill. Villa and Rosewood are stumped when a jingle writer keels over in his studio with no discernible cause of death, while Donna enlists Mitchie to investigate Erica’s missing year.
Tuesday 29th November, 9pm, Alibi

This diminutive egghead scientist and irascible genius is known to the world as ‘The Thinking Machine’. Tragically, his creator Jacque Futrelle died in the sinking of the RMS Titanic in 1912. “Logic, logic, logic. Two plus two makes four, not some of the time, but all of the time.” That’s the unwavering belief of this crime and puzzle-solving Professor, who harnesses the power of his focused mind to think through any problem. Each tale, read by Eric Meyers, features the classic elements of an apparently unsolvable problem. Yet Professor Van Dusen remains calm and collected as he puts his thinking skills to work. In the opening episode, My First Experience With The Great Logician, The Thinking Machine challenges the world champion chess player to a game and helps a newspaper reporter out of a sticky situation.
Monday 28th November, 6am, BBC Radio 4 Extra

9 Rebus
Series four, episode four. The maverick detective finds his career on the line once more when an apparently watertight murder prosecution collapses because of his unconventional interrogation methods. Facing the wrath of the victim’s family – not to mention his own colleagues – Rebus digs deeper, but finds himself caught up in a spate of gangland revenge killings.
Saturday 3rd December, 9pm, BBC4

10 Vera
A body is discovered on the Northumberland moors, and identified as a woman who made a distressed 999 call on the night of her death – suggesting she may have been abducted by someone she knew. Vera takes on the case, and discovers the victim was a controversial figure in her home town, who had a complicated relationship with her family and a number of well-hidden secrets.
Thursday 1st December, 10pm, ITV Encore


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