Sky Atlantic picks up Midnight Sun for UK transmission

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-11-19-05Midnight Sun has been doing extremely well in its native Sweden, and by the looks of it might have the makings of the next big Scandinavian hit. However, there was a slight obstacle to this happening – although it had been sold around the world, no UK broadcaster had snapped it up. Until now…

News has just reached me that Sky Atlantic has bought the rights for UK transmission. According to C21 Media (I shan’t provide a link because the story is behind a paywall) Sky’s pay channel will broadcast the eight-part series early in the New Year.

Good news, indeed.

We’ve been following the progress of Midnight Sun because, well, it sounds really good.

To remind you, this is what Variety had to say about it:

Midnight Sun weighs in as a drama-thriller tracking a French police officer, Kahina Zadi, dispatched from Paris to Kiruna, a small mining community in Arctic Sweden, to lead the investigation of the gruesome murder of a French citizen. From the first two episodes, seen at April’s Series Mania, we know that Zadi and her investigating partner, local Swedish D.A., Anders Harnesk, initially connect the crimes to Sami ritual. The invite to Mipcom’s press conference talks, however, about a 10-year conspiracy “involving many of the townsfolk.”

So it sounds intriguing. More news as we get it…

To read our First Look on Midnight Sun, go here


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  1. Charlotte Carling says:

    Posted a link to a long trailer for Midnight Sun in a discussion of a different series a couple of days ago but it clearly belongs here as well:

    Solid acting allround in my view, but Laïla Bekhti is outstanding in her portrayal of French police officer Kahina Zadi.


    1. Seija says:

      Great show all around. Loved the story line, which kept me hooked from start to finish, and the “exotic” setting – even for some of us Skandinavian people – of Lapland.


      1. Charlotte Carling says:

        Absolutely. I’m from the southern end of Sweden (the Bridge territory, if you will) so Lapland is quite a different world.

        A big plus, considering the shortcomings of Modus and Acquitted, is that there is absolutely no difference in quality between the scenes acted in different languages. Nothing feels awkward about the way English is spoken, and of course there is quite alot of it so that would have had a major impact.


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