The 10 Best Crime Dramas This Week (Monday 5th – Sunday 11th December)


in_plain_sight_episode1_02_1Rillington Place certainly caused a stir last week, and the series continues this week. But… there’ another series based on a mid-century serial killer starting up this week. ITV’s In Plain Sight stars Martin Compston and Douglas Henshall, and focuses on the deeds of William Muncie. Elsewhere, Y Gwyll and Modus continues. Enjoy!

1 Rillington Place *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
When newlyweds Tim and Beryl move into 10 Rillington Place, they are befriended by their older neighbours, Reg and Ethel Christie. As time passes and their relationship hits a rough patch, Reg’s interest and influence over the couple takes a much more sinister turn.
Tuesday 6th December, 9pm, BBC1

2 Y Gwyll/Hinterland *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The start of the series’ final two-part story.
Sunday 11th December, 9pm, S4C

The police begin to consider the prospect that the serial killer might have a homophobic agenda, and a chain of evidence leads to a group of fanatic American Christians, who take out hit contracts on homosexual targets. Meanwhile, Inger Johanne makes use of her FBI experience to make headway with the case.
Saturday 10th December, 9pm, BBC4

Drama series set in 1955 based on the true story of Lanarkshire detective William Muncie’s quest to bring to justice notorious Scottish killer Peter Manuel. With Manuel having being released from prison after a nine-year sentence for housebreaking and sexual assaults, he attacks a young woman and keeps her with him in an open field for most of the night before returning to his home, and Muncie is convinced further crimes are certain to be committed.
Wednesday 7th December, 9pm, ITV

Series two’s penultimate episode.
Tuesday 6th December, 9pm, W

The pathologist stumbles on information forcing him to embark on an investigation behind Villa’s back and what he finds could change their relationship forever.
Tuesday 6th December, 9pm, Alibi

7 The Shield
First in the two-part season three finale. The strike team desperately hunt for the Armenian hitman, knowing he is also out for their blood. Vic’s suspicions are aroused about the team’s involvement with the money train robbery, and Claudette finds herself with a moral dilemma.
Wednesday 7th December, 10pm, AMC

8 DCI Banks
Series five. When the victim of a frenzied attack is found in the woods, the team initially wonders whether it is random or related to the location – a shrine to a local girl who recently committed suicide there. However, Banks has a theory of his own.
Monday 5th December, 9pm, ITV

9 Agatha Christie’s Marple (The Pale Horse)
The sleuth investigates the murder of her old friend Father Gorman, using a list of names sent by the priest moments before his death to bring the guilty party to justice. Following a trail of clues to London, Marple is drawn to the Pale Horse Inn – where she discovers a sinister world of occult practices.
Thursday 8th December, 8pm, ITV3

10 Crossing Lines **NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
The team investigates when man who had been evaluating the proposed rerouting of a river in Croatia is attacked and thrown to his death from his hotel room window.
Thursday 8th December, 9pm, Alibi


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