More details surface on Iceland’s The Valhalla Murders

27ef868543abf9c4e16439c1aeb8f0bdA few months ago I wrote a post (here) that rounded-up all the interesting-sounding crime drama across Europe at the annual MIPCOM convention in France, where the movers and shakers in the TV industry get together and sell and buy TV programmes for their respective territories. One of the shows featured was from Iceland – The Valhalla Murders – but at the time I couldn’t find any information out about it. Now, there’s a bit more flesh on the bone.

Nordic Film & TV Fond website reports that the eight-episode series has been snapped up by Iceland’s main broadcaster, RUV, and is created by Thordur Palsson (pictured), who wants to write and direct all episodes (get him).

Based on his own original idea, The Valhalla Murders features Icelandic born police profiler Arnar who lives in Denmark and is asked to go back to his native country to investigate the first serial killer case. He teams up with the local senior inspector Kata who resents his arrival as she is the lead detective on the case. “The deeper they investigate, the more they realise that the crimes are deeply connected to the victims’ past, and Iceland’s past. At the same time, the two main protagonists try to deal with their own demons and troubled past”, explains Palsson. “The main theme is how family and the past affects you. You can try to hide but ultimately if you don’t face your past, it will haunt you.”

Margrét Örnólfsdóttir is head-writer and crime author and poet Óttar M. Norðfjörð.

More news as I get it…


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