Trapped, The Night Of, Bosch and Rillington Place: The Crime Writers’ Favourite Crime Dramas Of The Year


static1-squarespaceI make no bones about it – this is always one of my favourite posts of the year. I’ve been lucky enough to have attended some really great crime fiction events this year and, along the way, I’ve met some lovely people and great writers. It’s always interesting to hear what they think about crime drama – some because they have their books optioned, but mostly because they also love good crime stories in whatever medium. So once again I’ve tapped up a few of the writers I admire and whose work I like to share with us their favourite crime dramas of the year. ‘Tis the season, after all. Continue reading


Review: In Plain Sight (S1 E2/3), Wednesday 14th December, ITV


in_plain_sight_episode1_02_1With the revengeful Peter Manuel having evaded justice once, he now embarks on a murder spree, his first victim a young army girl.¬†Inspector Muncie certainly suspects Manuel, and thinks his parents are protecting him, but he can’t prove anything. Worse, Manuel is out on bail for a burglary, and seems likely to offend again, planning a raid on a rich family and tooling up for the occasion. ¬† Continue reading