The 10 Best Crime Dramas (Monday 19th – Sunday 25th December)

maigret-christmas-special-755511Well, here we are. It’s Christmas Day next Sunday – how did that happen? – and with everything pretty much coming to an end last week, we don’t have too much… hold on, we DO? Well, yes. Just as the first week of January is an absolute explosion of new series, the Christmas period is one of relative quiet. But there are new things to be enjoyed. So dig in, be merry and enjoy your festive helpings of crime drama!

The day after Isabelle Cooke disappears, Manuel hands himself in to Muncie with an alibi for his movements of the previous 24 hours, leaving him free once again. Four days later Peter and Doris Smart and their 12-year-old son are shot dead in their beds. The killer takes care to dispose of their bodies and the gun used to do the deed, but also pockets 15 one-pound notes found in Peter Smart’s wallet. On discovering that the previously flat-broke Manuel had been generously buying rounds of drinks on New Year’s Day, Muncie begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and begins to close in on the Beast of Birkenshaw.
Wednesday 21st December, 9pm, ITV

2 Maigret’s Dead Man *NEW UK PREMIERE EPISODE*
Maigret is distracted from a string of attacks on three wealthy farms by a series of anonymous phone calls from a man who claims a gang is trying to kill him. He and his trusty associates LaPointe and Janvier go in search of the caller, which leads them to the discovery of a body that has been dumped out of a car. Maigret is convinced the corpse is the man who phoned him – but his face has been mutilated, making it impossible to confirm his identity.
Sunday 25th December, 9pm, ITV

It’s the week before Christmas, and Sidney and Geordie are drawn into a case with echoes of an unsolved murder from nine years previously when a bride-to-be reports the disappearance of her groom on their wedding day. After finding the man dead with the wedding rings lodged in his mouth, the unlikely duo hunt for the killer.
Saturday 24th December, 9pm, ITV

Mac Conway, a Marine who returns home to Memphis from Vietnam in 1972, finds himself drawn into a network of killing and corruption that spans the length of the Mississippi River. A mysterious man known only as The Broker gives him an offer he can’t refuse, to work for him as a hitman.
Wednesday 20th December, 9pm, Sky Atlantic

Holmes is abducted by the leader of a street gang, compelling him to find the person responsible for a hit on his men. Watson feels uncomfortable about a favour Shinwell asks her.
Tuesday 20th December, 9pm, Sky Living

6 Midwinter Of The Spirit
Another chance to see this creepy, enjoyable crime/horror mash-up. Priest and trainee exorcist Merrily Watkins is asked for help by police in solving a baffling and gruesome murder. Aided by the Reverend Huw Owen, she quickly becomes embroiled in a terrifying mystery and finds herself in real danger.
Friday 23rd December, 9pm, ITV Encore

7 The Humphrey Bogart Theatre: Dead Man
Bogart stars in James M Cain’s classic short story – can a man live with his conscience after committing a terrible crime? Starring Humphrey Bogart.
Monday 19th December, 10am, BBC4 Radio 4 Extra

8 Rectify
Another chance to see the first series. Daniel Holden must put his life back together after serving 19 years on Georgia’s Death Row before DNA evidence calls his conviction into question.
Tuesday 20th December, 9pm, AMC UK

9 The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher
Inspector Jack Whicher is part of the newly formed Scotland Yard detective department and travels to Rode, Wiltshire, to investigate a murder at a country house. With no material evidence and only an inept local police force to help, he faces the unenviable task of solving a case in which members of the grieving family are the main suspects.
Monday 19th December, 9pm, ITV3

10 Inspector George Gently
After an unidentified burnt body is found near an RAF base, Gently works alongside Special Branch officers who suspect the victim was involved with the IRA. However, the discovery that a large cache of guns has gone missing turns the case into a hostage situation.
Monday 19th December, 8pm, Drama

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