SVT confirms second series of Jordskott; releases trailer

screen-shot-2016-12-21-at-09-39-10Although Swedish series Jordskott was broadcast here in the UK on ITV Encore, it did fantastically well internationally, and was sold and played out in 50 countries. It was an insane, bonkers series that told the story of Detective Inspector Eva Thörnblad (Moa Gammel), who returns to Silver Height seven years after her daughter Josefine disappeared by a lake in the woods. The body was never found and the girl was believed to have drowned. Then a boy vanished without a trace and Eva was intent on finding out if there was a link to her daughter’s disappearance. That was just the start of things: add in some ancestral weirdness with her dad, timber empire man Johan Thörnblad, witches, woodland folk and strange black liquid and Jordskott was like your traditional Scandi Noir mixed with a fairytale. Finally we have confirmation of a second series and a trailer to go with it.

Let’s check in with creator, Henrik Björn:


The teaser begins with an exclusive and complete small scene in a way that overlaps season one and two. This scene happens right now in Silver Height. It’s Jörgen Olsson, the surviving brother Olsson, who will find a car in the woods. Harry Storms car. Storm was the man who caused so much [trouble] in Silver Height in pursuit of who kidnapped the children. In the car there was the whole of Storm’s investigation and Jorgen realises that Storm has gathered information on Esmeralda (Happy Jankell). She is the same girl who Jorgen accused of killing his brother Eddie. It felt great to give the fans a little taste of jordskott-candy for Christmas.

You can see the trailer below, but what’s interesting is that the city is being framed as a major location in this second series, rather than the pretty much exclusive woodland setting of series one.

It is partly familiar and partly new. There are some places that we like to see again. At the same time, I did not stand still in season one, we’re going forward. It happens new things that need to be managed. Events of season one obviously affects the runner-up, but the new stands on its own and it is necessary.

There’s also a shot of the witch, Ylva, who seemingly died in series one. Intriguing. Anyway, filming begins in January (well, at least continues) and carries on until the summer, and Björn says that the action will pick up two years after all the drama of series one. What’s more, my favourite character – police chief Göran Wass (the brilliant Göran Ragnerstam, who was also in the equally bonkers Ängelby this year, returns).

Click here (I couldn’t embed it into the site) to watch the teaser.

The big question is: will we see Muns and find out who he is (I realise that to non-Jordskott watchers, this will make no sense whatsoever). More news as I get it…

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9 Comments Add yours

  1. Annie says:

    Excellent, I loved series 1, bonkers as it was!


    1. Sara Latham says:

      It was really bonkers, but I did enjoy it as something a bit different to the usual crime stuff :)


  2. Phil says:

    I think you’ll find that the location is called Silverhöjd. Little bit of research doesn’t hurt!


    1. Paul Hirons says:

      That’s the English translation, Phil. A little bit of research doesn’t hurt.


  3. Theodora Polentas says:

    Cannot wait to see season 2 just discovered Jordskott today and have watched 8 episodes, can’t wait to continue in the morning. This series was not promoted in Australia which is a shame because it’s one of the best series I have ever seen. So I will be singing it’s praises and hopefully more people will get to see how brilliant it is. I also hope Yiva returns her character is intriguing.


  4. Amanda says:

    I loved series one. So much I did a series of paintings from some of the scenes!


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