The Killings Times’ Quite Large 2017 Crime Drama Preview


First LookRight, it’s back to business. We’ve had Sherlock to kick 2017 off in big, thrillery style and this week is jam-packed full of new crime dramas. But it’s not just this week that’s jam-packed with stuff, oh no. The whole bloody year looks as though it’ll be rammed with crime drama. So I’ve scoured the internet and asked some of my contacts for the lowdown on what we can expect. And what can we expect? Lots and lots and lots. You’ll find over 30 crime dramas over the jump, some with estimated transmission dates (don’t hold me to many of them, please) and the one thing you can say about 2017 is that there will be some HUGE – some of the genre’s real big hitters – making a return. Strap yourselves in because you may as well sack off family, friends any kind f social life you had planned. Continue reading


Review: Sherlock (S4 E1/3), Sunday 1st January, BBC1


sherlock_4-1_29The long-awaited return of Sherlock bears the burden of being required to explain unresolved matters from previous episodes before it can get on with its own concerns. Rapidly dealt with is the little matter of Sherlock being a murderer; the government (that is to say, Mycroft) is so worried that Moriarty may not be dead, that footage is faked to absolve Sherlock of the killing of Charles Augustus Magnussen. So, not even a pardon needed. Result!

NB: Spoilers abound Continue reading