Before We Die starts in Sweden this weekend

screen-shot-2017-01-13-at-13-42-51I might as well start this post the way I started the last one – this site’s interest is piqued by anything that comes out of the Scandinavian and Nordic region, because a) generally speaking, it’ll be good; and b) it’s likely that it will make its way to our shores eventually. So when I saw that a new crime drama starts this weekend in Sweden, I decided to have a little look.

SVT, Sweden’s national broadcaster, will be, um, broadcasting Before We Die this coming (Sunday 15th January) at 9pm.

So what’s it all abaaahhht?

Swedish newspaper Skånska Dagbladet put it like this:

Before We Die is about strong family ties and a brutal struggle for power in the underworld. Adam Palsson plays Christian, who becomes deeply mixed up in serious criminal activity. After he served a prison sentence for dealing dope, he works now as a dishwasher in a restaurant run by the family Mimica.

[The story] revolves around the tough but also very moral police officer Hanna Svensson (Marie Richardson). For unknown reasons, she has become insolvent in the police station – she can no longer work with organised crime, but has instead been moved to the Economic Crimes Division. 

Elsewhere, The Euro TV Place said this:

On the home front, her son has severed all ties with her, as she’s the one who caused his arrest and subsequent two-year imprisonment for drug possession.

When her lover and colleague is abducted, Hanna must take over his undercover investigation of a criminal biker gang as well as protect an infiltrator. To prevent a brutal takeover in the criminal underworld, she must fight for her son’s life and break another family to save her own.

Variety, meanwhile, says this:

“More than a crime series, I would say ‘Before We Die’ is a drama thriller, where the thriller elements and the family ties are intertwined in a dense story,” said producer Fredrik Heinig at B-Reel, who added that series such as BBC’s  “Happy Valley” and “Line of Duty,” RTE’s “Love/Hate” and Bo Widerberg’s police dramas were influences, “but of course also create a universe of our own.”

It’s interesting to note that this series is influenced by recent Brit hits. What comes around goes around, eh?

We’ll (hopefully) be bringing you a first-look report on Before We Die next week.


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