Sky Atlantic announces last series of The Tunnel, plus Suranne Jones crime drama

fileSky Atlantic is going to be busy this year. On top of the imminent second series of Fortitude and the Swedish drama Midnight Sun, there’s also much more coming up later in the year. Two of things on the horizon include a returning series and a brand new one that will star one of the hottest female acting talents in the UK – Suranne Jones.

First is the third and final series of The Tunnel, this time subtitled Vengeance. Initially based on the concept of The Bridge, the third series brings back together Anglo-French duo Karl Roebuck (Stephen Dillane) and Elise Wassermann (Clémence Poésy) for their last outing. Another new and original story, this final instalment is penned by lead writer Emilia Di Girolamo (Law & Order: UK).

With Brexit a real possibility, The Tunnel: Vengeance is set in Europe amid hysteria around a refugee crisis, the increasing threat and horror of terrorism and with far-right groups growing in power.

mas_the_tunnel-_sabotage_s02-ingestedIn this we follow detectives Karl and Elise as they are faced with toxic and terrifying duo whose hideous crimes see them take ever more dark and desperate measures to provoke the police into collaborating on their desperate endgame. Against this, is the backdrop of Karl’s fractured family life and a miscarriage of justice from Elise’s past that shakes her to her core.

Secondly, Sky Atlantic has announced Gone, written and starring Lennie James, who appeared in the first series of Line Of Duty.

Gone brings a unique and unlikely hero to Sky Atlantic in thes form of Nelson ‘Nelly’ Rowe (James) – a man who ‘likes a drink’, whose days are bookended by his first can and his last pint. Nelly lives with whichever woman he happens to be sleeping with at the time – often more than one and sometimes more than two. And he is the life and soul of the pub – a charmer, a , a fighter, a liar and, at his age, a man who should know better.

When Nelly is accused of a terrible crime, he sets off to clear his name and find the real perpetrator. It is a journey that will slam him hard up against the debris of his careless past but also offer him the chance to make amends for his mistakes, not least to Claire (Jones) with who he shared a ‘summer of love’ 13 years ago.

Set on a  London housing estate, Gone is the story of a man facing the stark and painful reality that the very worst thing happening to someone he loves could be the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Alongside James is Suranne Jones – who will be seen soon in series two of Doctor Foster on the BBC – and the ever brilliant and ever reliable Stephen Graham (currently being very menacing in Taboo, also on the BBC).


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