Netflix news: Stranger Things 2 and Riverdale

stranger-things-season-2-episode-titlesThe last post I, um, posted was singing the praises of linear TV and the pleasure that can be taken in large groups of people tuning in once a week to watch something that has them hooked. On the flipside is the streaming revolution, where portals like Netflix provide whole series to be consumed greedily in one or two sittings. It’s a new way of watching and a model that has become increasingly popular. But any which way you watch depends entirely on the content – only if the content’s good will you watch, whatever way the channel/service is allowing you to watch it. So Netflix is onto a winner because its content is so good. So we have some Stranger Things – that word-of-mouth hit from last year and new of something that’s starting TOMORROW.

Let’s just briefly go over the Stranger Things news first. We’re expecting the second series of the crime/horror mash-up to hit screens in the summer, and news and plotlines are beginning to drip through. We know that the likes of Sean Astin, Paul Reiser and Linnea Berthelsen have joined the cast for the second series, and yesterday recurring cast member David Harbour (Chief Hopper) was in attendance at a fan convention, where he let slip a few details:

Esquire reports: “It’s a year later in the story, so there are several things that happened last year – like Will has come back – there are certain people in the town that know what happened, and then certain people that don’t know what happened. So there’s a lot of fall out with who knows what.We have Sean Astin… he’s Winona’s new boyfriend—much to the chagrin to the Chief of Police”

So a few tidbits there. Now we move onto the show that starts tomorrow – Riverdale.

Based on the classic Archie comics of yesteryear, it tells the story of Archie Andrews “an intense, conflicted teen, a boyish high school sophomore who got pumped up over the summer working construction and is now juggling the interest of several girls, as well as trying to balance his passion for writing and performing music—against the wishes of his father and his football coach.”

So a small town, a group of teens and yes, you guessed it, a murder.

The original Archie comics, which go back to 1941, presented a gawky, ginger-haired high school teen, but this take on things looks to be much, much darker. For more context and background on the Archie character, take a look here.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer to whet the appetite. (It should be noted that Riverdale will be screened on The CW in the US.)

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